10 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Instead of memorizing the interior design rule book and compiling a list of all the things you can and should do, you should remember the things you should never do and use it as a basis for developing your own style.

According to DNL Design (which is one of the best interior design companies in Dubai), these are the top 20 living room blunders that consumers are making. If you are guilty of any (or all) of these, we are here to help you correct them!

1. Organizing Accessories

Too many ancestral objects can make a space seem antiquated.

If you have cherished mementos, dispersing them about your home is laziness personified. Instead, separate the accessories into tiny groups. And place them in odd-numbered groupings on ring trays.

Add one huge item to the vignette to anchor everything and accentuate the other pieces’ features. Again, a variety of heights, textures, and forms will provide the most captivating show.

2. Fabrics First

It is unwise to place something as permanent as the wall color first in a house design that is always altering.

Because of this, we advise you to budget your purchases and choose factors such as curtain, rug, couch, and chair fabrics prior to selecting a wall color based on the hues in the fabric.

Additionally, it is simpler to locate wall paint that complements the room’s fabric, texture, and lighting than the opposite.

3. Add Character

Adding personality to your house will make it genuinely significant and personalized.

Add the rug you purchased while on vacation in Turkey to the master bedroom. Make your house a reflection of you!

Learn to take your time in order to create a home that is uniquely you and best reflects your tastes. Add new items when you fall in love with them. As stated before, interior design is a dynamic process. Let it develop with you.

4. Poor Furniture Placement

Strange, but true: pushing furniture toward the walls makes a room seem smaller, not bigger. There is a simple solution: create “breathing space” in your living room by pushing the furniture away from the walls.

5. Heavy Curtains

Consider adding neutral-colored roller blinds instead of large, heavy drapes. Thus, you can still create the blocking effect, but it will be far more subtle. You do not want your curtains to be the focal point of the room unless they are made of a wonderful fabric or have a stunning design.

6. Bad Tv Placement

The optimal location for television is on a blank wall that does not impede window light. If possible, attach it to the wall to provide a more streamlined appearance. Invest in a TV unit that is proportional to the size of the room and TV; many rooms have TV units that are dwarfed by the size of the TV.

7. Too Much Clutter

Storage is king! The more that can be concealed from view, the better. If you lack enough built-in storage, conceal clutter with fashionable baskets.

8. Going Too Dark

Numerous living rooms are drab for the straightforward explanation that they lack color. The artwork, carpets, and couches are all gloomy, despite the fact that these are the kind of accents that bring life to a space!

9. Rugging Up All Wrong

Many misguided people choose postage stamp-sized carpets, which throw off the balance of living space. Choose a rug large enough to accommodate all of the front feet of your living room furniture. In addition to providing a feeling of balance, this serves to zone the space and make it seem bigger. Winning!

10. Choosing Imposing Furniture

Many individuals choose furniture that is oversized for the available area. Typically, the sofa is the major offender in terms of making the living room seem and feel smaller. Additionally, many people choose bulky armchairs, which in small spaces might take up as much space as an extra chair. Stick with narrow arms for limited space.