5 Luxurious Modern Office Interior Design Trends of 2022

We all have probably heard the quote, “Creative environments foster creativity.” As that goes, the space and the things around us have a great influence on how we think and perceive things. If you look at the work spaces of great artists, writers, singers, and other creators, for example, they all would be designed in such a way that the creative muse inside of them is awakened every time they hit the working spaces. That’s the impact of having a creative work space.

Knowing this, organizations prioritize creativity over any other skills these days, and so are pouring in tons of money to create the ideal work spaces for their employees. But some organizations go a step further to give their employees another advantage, taking things to the next level: luxury. Yes, you read it right. Gone are the days when employees used to go on a once or twice a year trip to cosy hotels. I mean, who would want to go on such trips if their office isn’t much different from those hotels, would you? Following are the list of five “Luxurious Modern Office Design Trends of 2022,” that have blended creativity and luxury like never before.

1. Asymmetry in Symmetry

Symmetric interior spaces have caught on in recent years for their quirky designs and arrangements. These interiors don’t just offer ample spaces on the floors, but also make the movement flow so smooth for people. Because of these advantages, many different establishments across a number of fields have begun to adopt symmetric interior spaces.

2. Confluence of Classic and Contemporary

Interior designs with the perfect mix of vintage and modern designs never go out of style. As a whole, these interiors balance luxury and creativity equally, and are filled with stunning aesthetic designs. Each element of the space is carefully designed and chosen so that the space strikes a balance between modern as well as classic beauty. Space like these can give employees a glimpse of a cool hotel suite room (depending on the budget of an organization).

3. Flexible and Luxurious Pod-Area Layouts

Pod-area layouts are private spaces for individual employees. These types of spaces are gradually picking up pace across organizations of all sizes, particularly over the last couple years because of the pandemic. When a few companies switched to open concept office design in early 2020, it skyrocketed their employees’ performance by making the office less of an office but more of a home.

To make employees’ work even more fun and cosier, some organizations add the element of luxury to the open-office environments. This includes smaller, furnished private areas with compact and sassy workspace, sophisticated seating and outlet access to employees to make calls, attend video conferences, and so on.

4.Biophilic Design

Featuring living walls or green walls—which are real gardens and plant displays—and many other interior design layouts that display plants is yet another trend among many modern office spaces these days. These office interiors are designed and personalized for these plants and not just any random interiors inside which plants are accommodated. Companies switch to Biophilic interiors like these for a number of health benefits and the way they calm people’s mind through the fresh ambience and aroma.

Widely adopted by many organizations, green interiors are focused on providing luxurious working spaces alongside a green environment. From improving air quality and oxygen flow to reduced toxins in the air from carpets and other office furniture, the benefits are countless for spaces that adopt these types of spaces.

5. Smart luxury Interiors with Tech Integrations

Smart luxury office interiors offer employees the luxury of modern technologies that leverage IoT and AI. From smart tables to lights to speakers to fans to chairs, most of the things inside these smart interiors can be controlled at fingertips. These smart offices also have smart gaming rooms that use virtual reality and augmented reality, gyms, mobile apps that make managing their work flow easier, and meditation centres, among others. The luxury of tech and the spaces make the lives of employees much easier with the right mix of architecture and tech devices.

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