7 Ways to Add Gold to Your Luxury Contemporary Villa Interior Design

Are you looking to make a change in your home? Why not add some gold? Gold is the perfect way to bring a touch of warmth and glamor. The gold trend is not going away in interior design anytime soon, and if you have been considering a new look, this may be your time to shine.

The gold effect is never out of style and always attracts the eye at first sight. The good thing is that with skillful interior designers, there are ways to add this bright hue to your luxury contemporary villa interior design without looking tacky or overdone. Here are five ways to add gold to your extravagant modern villa interior design:

1. Gold chandelier

A gold chandelier is a great way to add extra bling to your dining room. The chandelier should be the focal point of the room, so choose one that is large enough to make an impact. Go for an ornate style if you want to make a statement, or keep it simple if you want something more understated.

2. Gold Leaf Furniture
If you want to make an ordinary piece of furniture look luxurious and opulent, consider covering it with gold leaf. You can buy gold leaf sheets at many art supply stores or order them online. You will also need a bottle of gilding size and a brush to apply it with. Once you apply the size, place the sheets of gold leaf over it and smooth them out with your fingers or a soft cloth. You can contact a trustworthy interior designer in Dubai to help you out with adding gold to your living space.

3. Lighting Options
Another easy way to add gold is by incorporating lighting options into the area made from metal. This can include everything from lamps and chandeliers to wall sconces and floor lamps featuring a beautiful golden shine. Choosing one or two options in smaller rooms is ideal, while you may want to consider multiple options in larger spaces throughout your home.

4. Paint an Accent Wall
Your accent wall is the perfect place to add a little bit of glamor. Painting it gold will help you make a statement without going too over the top. If you have darker furniture, the gold will stand out against it, but if you have light-colored furniture, it will make your room feel more cozy and warm.

5. Use Gold Hardware
Another way that you can add gold decor to your home is by using gold hardware throughout the house. From doorknobs and faucets to light switches and hinges, using gold hardware will tie everything together and make it look more luxurious than using silver or matte black hardware instead.

6. Golden Mirrors

A great way to add gold to any room is by putting on golden mirrors. They’ll reflect light into the room and give it an overall luxurious feel. You can put them up in any room, and they’ll fit right in with whatever other décor you have going on at the time.

7. Add Gold Accents
One of the easiest ways to add gold to your home is by putting out gold accents. For example, you might put out gold bowls or vases on your coffee table. Or you might put up a framed mirror with gold trim around its edges in the bathroom. This is an easy way to bring a touch of glamor into your home without much hassle

Wrap Up

The Villa interior designers must create a luxurious experience, whereas the building structure is still urban and modern. This will appear in the furniture choice, the general color palette, artworks, and others. Some already know that including a bit of gold in your home can positively affect your health and emotional state. If you don’t have time or creativity for interior design, reach out to DNL Design, a leading Interior Design company in Dubai. They are trained to understand the customer’s needs and provide a blend of artistic environment and luxurious interior.