What's the Difference Between Carpentry and Joinery?

How do joinery and carpentry vary from one another? Do you hire a joiner or a carpenter when you need anything constructed of wood?

As it turns out, carpenters and joiners have a lot in common. It’s a little confusing, since in the UK, depending on where you are, you can use either phrase. For example, in the south of England, the word “carpenter” is more often used than in the north, where the phrase “joiner” is preferred.

In a nutshell, a joiner is a craftsman who joins wood together without the use of metal fasteners or nails. To install these things, a carpenter will use metal fasteners such as screws and nails. A carpenter will also be responsible for chores such as the installation of locksets and other door furnishings. A joiner is the only one who can help you if you need a new door or window constructed or fixed. A carpenter’s services are required for the on-site installation of wooden fittings.

What kind of projects do joiners often take on?

The trade of joinery focuses on the cutting and assembly of wood components without the use of screws, nails, or other metal fasteners. A joiner’s tools include a rotary saw, lathe, and sanding wheels, all of which are heavy-duty. Because this technology is not portable, most joiners perform their work in a workshop away from the job site.

A joiner’s primary focus is on the following:

  • Constructing bookcases and dining tables
  • Creating the frames for the windows
  • Creating doors for both the inside and outdoors
  • Creating custom-made furnishings
  • constructing a stairway

What kind of job does a carpenter do?

Carpentry is a trade that uses both wood and metal but combines them with a wide range of other materials to create finished products. Carpenters have a wide range of portable and lightweight equipment that allows them to operate in a variety of locations. They are often seen working on-site, putting together, and building various kinds of construction projects.

Carpenters are experts in the following area:

  • Putting in the eaves
  • Putting up dividers and other barriers
  • Putting in flooring
  • Staircase installation
  • Taking care of the frames of the windows
  • Skirting board installation
  • putting up shelves and cabinets

What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner?

As a thumb rule, it’s advisable to hire a joiner or a carpenter depending on the scope of your job.

In many circumstances, hiring one of each is a viable option. Engage a joiner to create the staircase, and then hire a carpenter to install it if you need a wooden staircase in your home. Or if you want a custom-made wooden door, a joiner can make it to your specifications and a carpenter can install it in your house to make sure it’s perfectly balanced.

If you’re constructing a home or remodeling one, you’re likely to find joiners and carpenters working together on the job. You should keep in mind that both carpenters and joiners know the fundamentals of both fields.

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